how to create paypal account with ghana ip address
07 Dec
December 7, 2016

how to create paypal account with Ghana ip address You can now create a PayPal account in Ghana without changing your IP address with vp or VPS it’s better to use your Ghana IP address to create the PayPal account here in Ghana with your real name that has an id card.

First, you need to get a virtual credit card and use you use to verify the PayPal account instantly, you can get the virtual credit from any of this website below.

  • www.advcash.com
  • www.cryptopay.me
  • www.uquid.com
  • www.cofred.com

watch the video below on how to create a paypal account

Once you have your virtual credit cards ready you go to PayPal UK website www.paypal.com/uk and create an account, choose a personal account and fill the form with your real name, phone number choose home, email address, home address, get the address from fake namegenerator.com.

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see the form below on how to fill the PayPal registration form below

paypal ghana

Finally on how to create paypal account with Ghana ip address , you click on my account and enter the card details and confirm the card note don’t hide your IP address by using VPN or VPS use real Ghana IP address plus your real name with that your account will never be blocked.


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  • Rufai

    where will i get south African address or Togo address to create pay pal in Ghana

  • owusu antwi

    please i want to create a a paypal account with ghana details can u help me

  • Ubeida

    I need help on sign up with PayPal

    • Ibrahim

      Find a virtual to go address and number, copy it somewhere and use it to create your account, after that you link your bank account details that’s if it’s a barclays bank account

  • Seth oppong

    Please I need help on how to create PayPal account

  • Azoe Christopher Goddey

    Hi, can you get a virtual Togo address and phone number to create a PayPal account?

  • Tutuwaa Afakye

    How do I find a virtual Togo address and phone number to create the account

  • Prince hayford

    Please in creating the virtual credit card do I have to insert my real details

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