How to buy cheap products from 1688.com
04 May
May 4, 2018
Mini Import Business

Mini importation business is one the best and easiest way to make money in Nigeria, you can start this business with small capital and make a huge profit from selling cheap products from China.

There are several websites in China you can buy cheap items from but the prices varies from other, some of the website targets end user so their price is high like aliexpress and we also have websites that sell to wholesalers and retailers like Alibaba, 1688 and tmall.

1688.com is the China version of alibaba.com they target wholesalers and resellers in China while Alibaba supply to wholesalers outside of China 1688.com sells to natives Chinese citizens in China only at a cheaper price.

How can I buy a product from 1688.com outside on China

Step One: open google chrome browser on your phone or pc preferably pc so you can see the items you want to buy, the website is in the Chinese language so you click the top part of your browser and click translate to English or right click on the website and click on translate to the English language.

Step two: click on the search button and enter the name of any product you want and click on search you can also search products with image also if you want to get better results search with Chinese words for instance if you are searching on product accessories go to google translate and translate it to Chinese and use the Chinese words on 1688.com

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Step Three: copy the product link of the product you want to buy and paste in a notepad or Microsoft Word and save it, this is the link you give to a procurement agent who is based in China to help you pay and also check the products if it meets your standard before shipping it to Nigeria.

Step Four: Contact procurement company or agents in your country in this guide I will focus on Nigerians and Ghanaians, there are several companies that do this service I will create another video and blog post to review them later but in this post I will recommend this two companies please do your research before doing business with any of them. They are http://nbcskyeshipping.com and https://chrisvicmall.com. Register with any of them and they buy the item on your behalf and ship it to Nigeria they also have offices in Lagos Nigeria.

You can also learn how to create Alibaba account, how to create wechat account and many other things you need to know about mini importation business by taking our free online course on mini importation business here https://turischool.com/p/mini-importaion-course


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    Thank you sir on your guide on how to buy cheap products from 1688.com

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    I want to be in your class sir so I can learn all the necessary things I need to know in China importation and hw to create 1688 website

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