how to buy product from amazon.com and pay with Naira in nigeria
20 Nov
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November 20, 2018
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Buying products from amazon.com to Nigeria is very easy now you can pay in naira and receive your items anywhere in Nigeria.

Buying from China that has an open market without major government control leads to inferior cheap products but we have a lot of Nigerians who prefer premiums goods that we can get from USA or UK using amazon.com

steps on how to buy from Amazon .com

Step one download and install google chrome on your pc that’s what you use to access amazon.com and pay in naira.

step two go to go qiuckteller.com and open a free account with your name and email address.

Step three go to globallmall.quickteller.com and install the global mall app on google chrome browser.

Step four open globallmall.quicktell.com in your Chrome browser and click on the amazon.com icon it will take you to the site and click on the search button and search for the product you need, click on the quickteller icon and pay with naira using Nigeria Mastercard or visa card.


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  • Dr. Nnamso Okon Ekpenyong

    What is the contact phone number and email of Amazon Nigeria office in Lagos

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