How To Buy Product From Ebay Without Having Paypal Account
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December 10, 2016
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How To Buy Product From Ebay Without Having Paypal Account You can now make online payment to ClickBank, ebay, fiverr and any other websites that requires PayPal account without necessarily having a PayPal account.

Ebay is the world biggest online shopping website you can buy cheap products from and eBay accept PayPal payment only, if you are in a country that is difficult to make PayPal purchases its now easy to buy products from eBay without PayPal, you can use the steps below to buy products from eBay.

Before making payments on ebay most of the sellers dont ship to Africa for you to get your eBay items to Africa Ghana to be precise you will need a courier forwarding companies who have offices in usa and uk they will receive the items on your behalf and ship it to you in Ghana.

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These are some of the trustworthy companies you can use to bring your ebay items to Ghana or any part of Africa below

Ghana Based courier forwarding companies with offices in Accra

Once you have your shipping address ready you can now go to eBay and bid for cheap auction item or you choose buy it now products and get the link or save the item in your ebay account or contact the seller to raise PayPal invoice for you to make PayPal payment.

Watch Video On How To Make Paypal Payments Without Paypal Account

Finally you now use PayPal payment service providers i highly recommend a company based in Ghana www.cofred.com, go to their website create an account and choose pay for me service and paste the item you want to buy on eBay plus any other details from eBay and pay the cedis equivalent with mtn mobile money, bank or any other payment options on their site.

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If you are not in Ghana you can use bitcoins escrow provider to pay on your behalf you also give them the details and ask to pay on your behalf please only release funds after the eBay seller have receive the PayPal payment click on the bitcoins escrow service provider here contact the seller to raise PayPal invoice for you to make PayPal payments here at www.bitify.com.

Finally, you can also buy products on eBay using virtual credit cards To do this, whenever you are making a payment that includes PayPal account, choose to checkout by PayPal. You will then be required to either login with your PayPal account login details or pay without PayPal account. Choose to pay with credit/debit card without logging into your PayPal account. This will give you chance to enter your virtual credit card details and click on pay the amount will be debited from your card

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