how to convert audio to viral instagram video
26 Apr
April 26, 2018

Video is now very popular among all the social media website and apps like Instagram, vero, and snapchats. creating a viral video for Instagram is very easy now using several software and scripts. Most of the software is very difficult and time consuming for non tech persons.

You can now create a viral Instagram video for motivational or one-minute presentation on Instagram using recorded audio mp3 sounds from your pc or mobile phones and convert it to Instagram video in few minutes without any technical know how.

Steps on how to create viral Instagram videos

Step One: record a clear mp3 using Audacity from your pc and remove the background noise you can also use your android or ios devices like iPhone or iPad to record the mp3 and make sure you record in a quiet environment to prevent background noises.

Step Two: Go to www.sparemin.com and click on get started and create an account for free with your name and email address, the website will send you a confirmation email to your email address, click on the link in your email and validate your registration.

Watch the video on how to create viral instagram video

Step three: login to sparemine.com and click on audiogram wizard and upload your mp3 plus image and choose wave or add subtitle text to the video that when the video will be playing the text version of the video will also be playing.

Step Four: The final step you click on save video and the website will render the video and send you the complete video with the download links for you to have the video on your pc and upload it to Instagram or any other social media website.


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