how to create 1688.com account
08 Oct
October 8, 2018
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1688.com is one the best online e-commerce website in China that you can get cheap items from, the website is a subsidiary of alibaba.com that sells to Chinese people who reside in China.

You can now create an account with 1688.com buy cheap products pay directly to the seller and ship your items to any part of the world using the tips in this post.

Steps on how to create 1688.com account

Step one download and install google chrome browser on your PC or Mac computer that you will use to access the website because it’s in Chinese language and not English.

Step two go to 1688.com in your google chrome browser and click on the translate button and change it from Chinese to English it will automatically translate the website form Chinese to English.

watch how to create 1688.com account

Step Three click on the registration or sign up button and fill the form with a username, phone number it will send the verification code to your phone and you enter the code in the site to complete your registration.

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Step four login to the site with your username and password and start sourcing for any product you need once you find any product you like you can now write the seller and start chatting with them on 1688.com or ask of their wechat account it translates your English writings to Chinese automatically.

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Comments: (18)

  • Samuel Owusu-Ansah
    • February 11, 2019
    • Reply

    Please is the phone number used for a one time pin or it’s required during every login?

    • Susuu

      Did you register with a Ghanaian number? I couldn’t locate Ghana’s code please

  • Samuel

    Pls I have try to create account but I can find the translate icon

  • Emmanuel

    I have try to open the account is not sending the code to my phone for the past one month now what will I do,help me out please

    • Anonymous

      Same with me

  • Joan

    Pls is it important to create account with 1688 and to chat them up on Wechat….

    • Turi Madagwa

      Yes its important if you want to buy products from 1688.com

  • Favour

    I have tried to register in 1688.com, I don’t know what am not getting right. Some times the code is being sent, but I can’t find it in my phone. Have tried several times, please help me out.

  • Enny

    Hello! I tried the processes u ask us to follow to open an account, but I think there is a problem in the Nigeria code….its meant to be 01234 and not 00234. This isn’t making me to receive the message for verification code

    • Turi Madagwa

      Thanks for your comment something it could be you have tried to open the account several times previously so your ip have been flagged you need to use China phone number to open it.

      see how you get china phone number and create it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MczcWjgOQME

      • Susuu

        I cant also create an account cos I couldn’t locate the Ghana code from their country code list. Can I also use China phone number?

  • Fola

    Thanks a million Turi.
    In as much as this write-up is comprehensive, i find it difficult to identify the “Sign up” or Registration icon on the site even after translation.
    Can you help me out please?

    • Turi Madagwa

      Thanks for your comment, Please take time to watch the video it has all those details

  • AKINLEYE BANKOLE [email protected]

    Thank you sir, it is very difficult to do the registration in 1688, any time I put membership name, it will said the password did not meet requirement, please what can I do?

  • Ojajuni Adekemi
    • November 12, 2019
    • Reply

    Pls how do I get my cart and proceed to payment ps

  • Francis

    Please I can’t find my country code which is Ghana in their list so what can I do to register

  • Unwana ita

    Please I have successfully registered but I can’t login into my account….,it says incorrect password and username. Please what do I do

  • Iriaka Nestor Gentry

    After getting the Chinese number, how can one keep using the line as per recharging it? Besides, the service provider may vary from the one we have here in Nigeria,it may possibly lead to disconnecting the line and such may affect your transaction with the platform,so what’s the way forward to that?

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