How to create an online shipping website with tracking
27 Oct
October 27, 2018
courier script

You can now create an online shipping website with tracking easily without any knowledge of web design or web programming.

You only need to get a domain name and a host that gives you complete cpanel access and get courier tracking PHP script from pauljumbostore.com and upload it to your cpanel in few minutes.

watch complete video on how to create a shipping website with tracking

Steps on how to create an online shipping website with tracking

Step One: get a host and a domain name that gives full cpanel access from GoDaddy, Namecheap or at pauljumbostore.

Step Two: Create a MySQL database and create a user and pass and connect with the database with full permission.

Take our free online course that has all the information on how to get the script and create the tracking site  for free here

Step Three: get the courier tracking php script from pauljumbostore.com and upload to our cpanel.

Step Five: edit the content of the script and upload your customize logo and make all relevant changes.

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