How to create china whatsapp account
18 Jun
June 18, 2019
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How to create China WhatsApp accounts it’s very important for you to get this account if you are thinking of doing business with Chinese.

These days, there are some Chinese that are acting funny, when they notice, you are actually talking or chatting with them outside of China.

So if you have a Chinese number they assume that you’ve lived in China or probably you are in China sometime past, and they will be careful doing business with you.

How to create the china Whatsapp account?

Firstly, you need to Get our guide on how to create China phone number for WhatsApp, qq, wechat and any other website or app that needs China phone number for verification. you can get the guide here
Watch how to create the WhatsApp account

Secondly, get the China phone number from a Chinese phone portal you can use to get real china sim number managed online by the phone portal.

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Thirdly use the number on WhatsApp and request the verification code from the phone portal you get it instantly and use it to complete the China WhatsApp account.

You can still use the same process to create, China QQ account, China Facebook account, and all that, and any other applications or websites, that require phone verification, you can use this China phone number to do it.

watch how to generate China phone number


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  • faizan aslam

    really we can do it

  • ibrahim
    • September 11, 2020
    • Reply

    pls what is phone portal

  • Md Jasim uddin

    I can’t understand about phone portal.i want to China phone number for WhatsApp.how can i do it…share with me clearly

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