how to create courier tracking website with wordpress
21 Feb
February 21, 2017
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Guide on how to create and shipping websites with WordPress, it’s very easy to create tracking website using WordPress technology.

WordPress in one of the wold most popular content management script (CMS) you can use to create professional web sites like ecommerce websites, business websites, courier and tracking website, hospital websites and blogs.

watch video on how to create courier tracking site

learn how to create courier tracking website with WordPress is free you can download it at wordpress.org or you install it directly on your Cpanel and start building any kind of website.

You only need already built plugins and templates to make it function as you want it, you need basic knowledge of HTML to tweak some of the plugins and templates.

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How to create courier and shipping websites with tracking

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see how the front page of the website look like

Also see how the tracking page looks like

wordpress courier websites

How to we create a shipping and courier website with tracking?

Step One: get a Cpanel with a domain name, you can get a Cpanel for 7$ at our store or you get it at Namecheap or any other credible hosting company.

Step Two: install WordPress on your server by clicking on the WordPress installation on your Cpanel depending on the Cpanel you have you can either install it from fantastico script installer.


Step Three: enter the name and description of the website you want to create and choose the domain or subdomain you want to install the website.

Step Four: login to your WordPress dashboard and click on plugins and then choose add new plugins and search for “updraftplus” plugins and click on install once it’s fully installed you click activate.

Step Five: Get the entire online courier and shipping script at paul jumbo store, the script contains everything from themes, plugins a little PHP tweaking we have done on it. you can pay with escrow and make sure you are 100% satisfied before releasing payment

Get the online courier and shipping script here

Step Six: click on the updraftplus plugins and choose restore site then choose the online courier script from paul jumbo store and upload them.

Step Seven: click on theme options and change the information of the site like color, phone number, emails and add any other things you want to be the site.

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Step Eight: click on tracking information and fill it with all the tracking information you want to be on the tracking site and click on submit.

Step Nine: copy the tracking code and paste it in any page you want it to show the tracking information

Final step” subscribe to our youtube channel to get more videos on web design and money making tips

watch video on how to create courier tracking website



Download the video on how to create shipping websites with tracking here


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  • Marcus L Shepard

    I will like for you to develop my company a website similar to this tracking website you have here. Please let me know if you can help me with this request.

  • David
    • September 14, 2017
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    I need this courier website script

  • Rayan
    • February 15, 2018
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    I think its not a basic thing which can be done by a learner or intern. You must be experience to do this and to use API’s. The simple thing is you need to buy API and need to use it on your site.

  • Jesse Williams

    Greetings brother, I want to make payment for this package, I want to know if the services are still working and I want to be sure that it is legit. I will possibly get all tools correctly. I just want to be sure that it still works.

    • Turi Madagwa

      Thanks Jesse Williams for your comment all our tools works

    • Turi Madagwa

      Thanks for your comment yes its still working

  • Kelly

    Hi I will like to see a live demo of the courier theme your script generates

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    I’ve called your airtel line, it doesn’t work. Please I need the design.
    I’ll make payment as soon as you respond to me.

  • Trustlogistic

    Is so much interesting please i will like you to help me develop my company websites and tracking

  • Igbo Stanford
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    Thanks for this, it was exactly what I was looking for

  • mbepep ngnimpa noe

    do you have any updated scripts for 2020…

  • Eric

    Is the script still available?

  • Enoch Fabiyi

    Hi what would be the total estimated cost of the site aside from hosting cost

  • marvel

    sir how can i get the courier tracking website script hhi

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    do you have update for this?

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