How to create google voice account 2019
30 Aug
August 30, 2019
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Learning how to create google voice account is one of the best skill you can learn in 2019 because if you are doing the following businesses outside of USA freelancing, affiliate marketing, eCommerce business most people will want to call on a USA phone number.

Google voice is a free internet-based service number owned by Google that you can use to make calls in Canada and USA for free.

Steps on how to create google voice account in 2019

Step One: Go to https://voice.google.com and click on register on the android, ios app or web browser enter your username and password then click on continue.

Watch How to create a google voice account

Step Two: get a real USA phone number don’t use virtual USA phone numbers it will not work you can get our guide on how to get USA number almost free here pauljumbostore.com/portal once you have the phone number from the phone portal add it to the google voice registration page and request for the verification code get it from the phone portal enter it the google voice will give you the number for free.

Step Three: Download google app on android or iPhone and start using it to make and receive calls from USA or Canada phone number


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