How to create ngo website
08 Dec
December 8, 2016
ngo website, website design

how to create ngo website

How to create ngo websites for free, you can now create an NGO websites for free using blogger before creating the website you need to get your logo, content and color of the website ready.

Once you have your content ready you need to get a Gmail account and visit www.blogger.com and create the account for free, first you enter the title of the Ngo website and choose a username for the blog once the username is available blogger click on create blog.

See sample NGO website www.jbneeds.blogspot.com

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The next step you need to get a blogger theme or template you can download charity mag theme for free is a very good template for NGO website here http://www.templateism.com/2015/06/charity-mag-responsive-blogger-template.html.

The next step you click on template and upload the theme once the theme is upload you can now make all your editing of the theme and add contents.

Watch detailed video now to create Ngo website


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  • Lee Wayne
    • December 12, 2016
    • Reply

    Great post i have really learn a lot on how to create NGO website

    Please how can change the theme color of the charity mag theme

    • Paul Jumbo
      • December 12, 2016
      • Reply

      Thanks Lee Wayne for your question you only need to click on edit html in the template and search for the theme color and change it, please I will do part 2 of the video that will explain that.

  • Nairaclass.com

    Can one really follow this tutorial and create the site

    • Paul Jumbo

      Thanks nairaclass for your comment yes you can create the site easily

  • Sean

    How do we receive credit card donations

  • Shadrack
    • September 2, 2017
    • Reply

    Please when I create a paypal account with a visa card and I connect it to my videos at youtube,Will any amount gained or charged come from the visa card or the paypal stands alone.

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