how to create online radio station from your phone
23 Nov
November 23, 2017

An online radio station is a powerful tool most content developers from pastors, artist, sports personalities and any other professionals are using to create and promote their contents online.

The world is moving to voice this is the reason why having a virtual radio station or podcast is a must if you want to succeed online, getting online radio station it’s very easy now you can broadcast from any of your device like computers, iPad, phones etc

watch video on how to create an online radio station from phone


step one for you to create the online radio station, go to google play store if you are using Android or go to ios store if you are using any Apple device like iPhone or iPad.



Step two search for anchor fm and install it



Step three click on the profile icon and input your radio station name or podcast name and upload an image for the station.


Step Four finally start creating episodes by clicking the red button and start recording your radio session or episodes


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