How to create qq account from mobile phone
17 Jan
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January 17, 2018

You can now create qq account on mobile devices easily on the go and make friends with millions of Chinese people who use qq on a daily basis.

qq is the number one social media app in China and Asia at the moment you can do a lot with the app from networking and chatting with Chinese people for business and relationship needs.

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It’s now very easy to access qq now on your android, iPhones and iPad devices initially it works only on desktops app or software but now you can access it by phone on the go.

How can I create qq account on phone?

In this guide we are going to create qq account on an android phone it’s still the same process on iOS devices like iPhones and ipads.

First thing we need to do is to go to google playstore and search for qqi it simply means Qq international version you will see the first app for Qq international click on the app and install it.

The next thing you need to do before signing up on Qq on your phone is for you to get China phone number this is the number Qq will send the verification for confirmation.

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You can get our guide on how you generate unlimited China and Asia phone numbers you can use to generate unlimited Qq you can also use the number for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, google etc at www.pauljumbostore.com/product/qq-account

Once you have your china number ready you click on sign up on the app, enter the phone number and click on next, Qq will send verification code the number younger the number and input it on the app and click next Qq will automatically give your unique Qq id number.

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And finally, you add your unique username and password that you will be using to login your Qq number both in mobile phone and your desktop computer or mac.


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  • Ronald Smith

    I tried to do what you said by using Google Play store but they don’t have it in an English version to where you can read anyting it’s all in Chinese and I can’t understand anything in it what do I do where do I find one that is got English version in it to where I can read it and where do I get the China phone number to create the QQ I email address I’ll be waiting for your reply thank you very much because I am trying to get in contact with somebody that I met over the internet on a dating site she gave me her email address but I am unable to email them because all I have is a Gmail thank you so much.

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