07 May
May 7, 2018
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You can now create a steemit account and get approved instantly using the new steemit pay per registration model to create your account instantly without waiting for a week or two to get your account approved.

Steemit is a decentralised social media website where curators and content developers use to get paid for unique contents posted on the website daily.

Due to large publicity of steemit and the large numbers of people registering in the website daily getting approved becomes difficult this day with this guide you can now get your account easily for less than 2 steemit dollars.

Steps on how to create a steemit account and get instant approval

Step One: Go to www.steemit.com and click on sign up and choose pay to sign up there are two options paid and the free option with the free option you have to wait for two weeks.

Step two: Choose your preferred payment option there are three options you can use to pay to get the account the options are blocktrade exchanger, annonsteem and steeamconnect I highly recommend blocktrade exchanger because you can pay with bitcoins and get the account instantly.

Step Three: Enter your preferable username name and steemit will generate a password for you automatically, save the password in a secure place on your pc or phone.

Step Four: select your preferable options of payment in the dropdown and choose bitcoins the exchanger will generate a bitcoins address you will use to make the bitcoin payment.

Finally, you make the payment and in few minutes your transaction will show completed and your account is approved you can login at www.steemit.com with the username and password steemit gave you.


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