how to create usa paypal account from non paypal accepted countries
19 Jan
January 19, 2017
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how to create a usa paypal account

Paypal is a payment gateway: it allows you to make payment and also receive payments from credit cards worldwide.

You can also link your bank account to the PayPal account to verify, withdraw and make payment from the PayPal account, verifying the PayPal account is not compulsory if you are using it for small monthly transactions.

Creating a PayPal account is free worldwide, but you need to prove your identity with PayPal by using credit cards or bank account from PayPal accepted countries.

unverified PayPal account

Paypal has restrictions on unverified account that is you have not verified your identity using a bank or a credit card, with an unverified account you will be able to make 500$ monthly transactions using the account but its very safe because your account will not be limited.

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How to create USA PayPal account outside of usa?

Creating USA PayPal account is very easy you only need to get a very good USA IP address, you can get the IP address from VPN or VPS.

VPN is not reliable because PayPal can detect it and limit your account in the future I will advise you make you use of vps using a remote desktop connection.

Watch video on how to create usa paypal account

you can get the VPS account for $4 here

secondly, you also need to get a virtual credit card or virtual bank account plus USA phone number to get the account fully verified without any problem.

six steps to creating USA PayPal account

Step one: Connect to your VPS from your PC and open your browser in the virtual computer.

vps for usa paypal verification

Step Two: visit www.paypal.com and click on sign up now and choose the personal account.


Step three: fill the form with your name, address and phone number on the phone number choose home, so PayPal will not send SMS to the phone number.

usa paypal account form

Step Four: get a virtual credit card or virtual bank account for 10$ and use it to verify the account you can get the virtual bank account at aspkin forum for a seller marketviet here.

virtual bank account for paypal verification

Step five: click on PayPal summary and add your virtual bank account or credit cards, PayPal will make some little deposit you get it from the virtual card or bank account and enter the figure in PayPal and click on confirm my account.

Step five: you can get real USA phone number from www.simcardglobal.com and add it to your PayPal account you can get the complete guide on how to get USA PayPal account here.

This is how you get a verified USA PayPal account from any part of the world and use it to make PayPal payment and also withdrawal from the account.

you can read on how o make withdrawals from the PayPal account here

Please comment below if you need more tips to get a PayPal account or you have more tips please post in the comment form below.


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  • sid

    good information mr Paul, Jumbo. I have created a use PayPal account now the part is how to withdraw my funds from the account, i have waited hyperlink on your article but i can seem to find it.

  • Mantaku Fumo

    Hello Paul,

    Can we use virtual credit cards to create a USA PayPal account to use in our country?

  • Lawal

    Thank you Mr. Jumbo. I have a question. Before you make a transaction of $2,500, Paypal will ask for some documents. How do you provide those documents?

  • Vincent

    Mr.Paul how do we get all documents required to create in creating this account so that we will n

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