How to create paypal account in Ghana
06 Sep
September 6, 2016
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how to create verfied paypal account in ghana featured

How to create a verified PayPal account in Ghana, Paypal is an online ecurrency payment portal in united states of America they are one of the biggest payment merchants in the world, they become popular because of their chargeback system that is if you have a transaction on PayPal with somebody else and the transaction goes bad you can file a dispute and PayPal will reverse the transaction and send your money back.

Paypal decides to block some countries which they feel have a high level of online crime rates like Ghana and some other countries in the world so trying to get a PayPal account in any of the countries they have limited their access to its called stealth PayPal account.

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Before I will explain how you can create a verified PayPal account in Ghana I need to let you know the implications before creating it, you can create this account successfully by verifying it with credit cards or virtual bank accounts but it’s risky because PayPal can detect it and limit your account anytime. you can read more of the bad experiences people have using stealth PayPal account at www.paypalsucks.com.

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NOTE: If you need PayPal account simply to buy product online, pay school fees abroad or buy products from eBay i will advise you not to risk your money by opening a PayPal account please use trustworthy service providers in Ghana and pay little fee for them to make the payment on your behalf , all you need to do is to approach these service providers in their office give them details of what you want to pay for and pay their fee and the amount you want to pay for that’s all. you can read on how to make PayPal payments without having a PayPal account here.

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Enough of the bad part of PayPal but if you can find your way around it and get a PayPal account it’s a gold mine most especially in Ghana and any other countries PayPal have to limit their services. as a business person or an entrepreneur, the more difficult a service is the easier for you to make money with it.
Read or download pdf on how to create PayPal in Ghana

Back to the main thing PayPal is actually free to create an account but you must verify your identity by using either a credit card or bank account since Ghana has been blacklisted from opening a PayPal account you can’t use local Ghana bank account and debit cards to verify the account.

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You can only use a virtual credit cards of virtual bank account, a virtual credit card is not physical credit card but it has all the function of a credit card, it comes with any name and address, with this cards you can use it to create and verify your PayPal account from anywhere in the world. you can create the PayPal account using any PayPal accepted countries like Togo, south Africa, Malaysia etc if you want to create a USA, Canada, Australian and united kingdom PayPal account you will be required to add a bank account to it also.


There are several sites you can use to generate this virtual credit cards from Ghana or from any part of the world without paying anybody to do it on your behalf you only have to fund the virtual credit cards with minimum of 3$ before you can use it on PayPal, PayPal will debit less than 3$ from the card and ask you to enter the amount it debits from the card just to confirm you are the real owner of the card and not a stolen card.

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The first of the site you can use to create is advcash this is one the best site to create virtual credit cards they are based in Gibraltar I have use their cards to create several PayPal accounts for myself, friends family relatives and customers. visit the site click on sign up with your name and email, once you logged in you fund your account with bitcoins, perfectmoney, okpay and many other options once you have to fund the card they charge you 1$ to create the card always use the address you want to use to create your PayPal account to create the cards.

Visit the site and create the account now at www.advcard.com

how to create virtual credit card
The second site you can use to create virtual credit cards for PayPal verification is cryptopay this website the service is also good I have used them to create some cards also, but you can fund it with bitcoins alone. Visit the site for more details at www.cryptopay.me.

how to create virtual credit cards



The third site you can use to create virtual credit cards for PayPal verification is uquid their cards are also excellent for PayPal verification and for online payments too you can visit their site at www.uquid.com

how to create virtual credit cards for paypal verification

The fourth site is a Ghanaian based company called cofred their service is awesome I have to use their cards severally and they also have option of them making your PayPal payments also, you only create an account with them fund the account with mtn mobile money, bitcoins, perfectmoney and cash and you generate the virtual credit card for 15Ghs only visit their site at www.cofred.com

how to create virtual credit cards for paypal verification

Finally, once you have your virtual credit card you don’t need to hide your ip address or use VPN just go to PayPal and create the account with the virtual credit cards details.

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watch the video below on how to create PayPal account in Ghana


The last option of creating a PayPal account is to use a service provider to do it  on your behalf i stumbled on a gentleman who has good ratings from people he has done this PayPal account for in Ghana. why i recommend his service its because you pay  using 15ghana.com its website that functions like Fiverr in Ghana that is any money you pay for a service will be held in escrow until you are satisfied with the service provider. If you decide to use this service you can register at 15ghana.com  and ask the service provider questions on an account before payment once you make payment make sure you are satisfied before you release the money to the service provider.

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Finally, once you have virtual credit cards you don’t need to change your IP address just make sure you use your real name that haS a valid id card and go to paypal.com to create the account I will advise you create the account with South Africa or UAE PayPal account.

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Note: please do proper diligence before doing business with any of the websites I recommend.

Please drop a comment about any of the website mention or if you have any tips on how to get Paypal account in Ghana below.


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  • Prince David Osei
    • September 10, 2016
    • Reply

    Thanks Paul jumbo for this wonderful article can I create the PayPal account without changing my IP address in Ghana?

  • nuzzo
    • September 17, 2016
    • Reply

    Has anyone used Auction Essistance to verify their PayPal account?

    • Paul Jumbo
      • September 19, 2016
      • Reply

      Thanks for your comment i have not use their service but you can give them a try and give us feedback here.

  • champion

    I like the way you branded the website i have learnt alot thanks man

  • Prince

    What happens if you South Africa PaypalAccount…Because if you register with south Africa you have to confirm you phone number

    • Paul Jumbo

      Thanks Price for your comment you can create south Africa PayPal account from Ghana its easy to operate

  • kojo

    how can i fund the PayPal account here in Ghana and make payments online?

    • Paul Jumbo

      Thanks Kojo for your comment you can fund the virtual credit cards the money gets to the paypal account and use it to make payment online.

  • Farhad Kunto
    • November 24, 2016
    • Reply

    I have bought a USA PayPal account and it is working good. My only issue is how to get money out since Payoneer was banned by PayPal. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Paul Jumbo
      • November 29, 2016
      • Reply

      Thanks Farhad Kunto for your comment you can visit cofred.com and exchange you paypal account to bitcoins, perfectmoney or mobile money if you are based in Ghana

  • Philus

    Do you have to verify your paypal account with both bank account and virtual card or you can use either of them

    • Paul Jumbo

      Thanks Philus for your comment it depend on the country PayPal account you are creating if it is USA, Canada, UK or Australia you have to add both bank and virtual credit cards, but the rest country you can use card only.

  • Nillo Shamaha
    • December 12, 2016
    • Reply

    I have a USA PayPal account. My issue is trying to exchange currency from PayPal to skrill.

    Do you have any good exchangers that are trustworthy?

    • Paul Jumbo
      • December 12, 2016
      • Reply

      Thanks Nillo Shamaha for your comment yes you can exchange money from paypal to skrill all you need to do is to create and account at cofred.com and send the PayPal funds to them and once it cleared you withdraw to skrill.

  • smtp classic
    • December 25, 2016
    • Reply

    You doing great man. Love all your videos. mostly on paypal

    • Paul Jumbo
      • December 25, 2016
      • Reply

      Thanks for your comment

  • john baiden

    nice video on how to create a verified paypal account i Ghana, please which of the virtual credit cards provider will you recommend i use in creating the paypal account here in Ghana?

    • Paul Jumbo

      Thanks John for your comment i will recommend cofred since you are based here in Ghana

  • Kunta Kenta

    My only issue is trying to get money out. can you recommend how I will make withdrawals from my PayPal account.
    Do you have any suggestions?

  • Marjony

    How do you create a UAE paypal account?
    Do you need a UAE phone number to verify your PayPal account or u just need your email account

    • Paul Jumbo

      Thanks for your comment, get a virtual creditcard and get a dedicated uae vpn and use it to create the account.

  • Marjony

    You are doing a great job. Keep it up

    • Paul Jumbo

      Thanks Marjony for your comment, please is there any contents or video you will like us to create ?

  • Gajendra Dhital
    • February 26, 2017
    • Reply

    Nice tutorial i am impressed and i love your videos

  • E. Believer

    I am in Ghana and I have a Visa Prepaid card attached to a South African Paypal, but the withdrawal limits sucks. $500 per transaction.. Can you please help me with how to increase my withdrawal limits?

    • Paul Jumbo

      I would advise you use it like that paypal can be funny when you increase the threshold

  • Nii Yawson

    Great guy and teacher by all standard. After decades of wanting to have a Paypal account, I finally chanced on his youtube video on how to create and verify a Paypal account in Ghana. I care followed the video, created a Paypal account, bought a virtual credit card on UQUID, verified it and the rest is history. I was prepared to pay over Gh¢200 to someone who was only going to register it for me but not to show me how it’s done. Paul Jumbo also helped clear some questions I had on my mind. All this for free. Thanks very much and God richly bless you.

    • Paul Jumbo

      Thanks Nii Yawson for your comment am happy you now have your paypal account

  • Sarfo

    Hello is it true you can creat a paypal account throug ebay? with that i’m told you would have to register an ebay ancount with your ghanaian details and when that is successful, you try to purchase a product right there on ebay. i told am by clicking on paypal as your mode of payment method, there is a “create paypal account” option. when you click on that, paypal will feed itself with your ghanaian details that have be provided to ebay ealier. the only thing you would have to do is to choose a paypal certified country like kenya or south africa and with confirmation from the link sent to your email by paypal, you are done creating a paypal account.

    please how true is it???

    Now i also want to find out whether i can buy a product on a ghanaian online store like Jumia, olx etc??

  • anits

    so can i recieve money or rather send it

    • Paul Jumbo

      you can receive and send money with the account

  • Rufai

    Can the virtual create cards generated at cofred be used in any country PayPal creations

    • Paul Jumbo

      Thanks Rufai for your comment yes you can create any country paypal account with the virtual credit card.

  • Jhaney

    Hi Paul. You did not answer Sarfo’s question. Please i have the same question. Please can you have a paypal account using that method?

  • Sanga Fantaku

    Hello Paul,

    this is a great post i have really learn alot on how to create verified paypal account

  • Richard
    • November 16, 2017
    • Reply

    please can i use payonee card for paypal account in ghana

  • Eno
    • November 24, 2017
    • Reply

    Very helpful information.
    Please do I need a UAE phone number and address for UAE PayPal?

    • Turi Madagwa
      • November 24, 2017
      • Reply

      yes you will need it

  • Godwin

    how can i load paypal with mobile money in ghana

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