How to create webmail that can send bulk emails
08 Jun
June 8, 2018
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You can now create webmail and use it to send bulk emails easily all you need to do is to create a webmail from a bulk email server that gives access to send large numbers of emails from your cpanel directly.

Before you create the webmails make sure you have set up your cpanel yourself and give DNS access to send bulk emails from each of the cpanel accounts, you can get our guide on how to create bulk email server that you can use to send unlimited emails here http://pauljumbostore.com/product/bulk-email-server.

How can I create webmail that can be used to send bulk emails?

Step one login to your cpanel created from your own personal configured server don’t use normal cpanel to create this webmail because the hosting company will block or suspend your account for using it to send bulk emails and most hosting companies restrict their sending limit to 500 emails per hour which are too low for bulk emails marketing.

Step two click on create an email and choose your prefered email address you will use to create the webmail please don’t use names like info @ your website name, spam bots do flag such email as spam, it is better you use your name something like [email protected] and use a secure password to create it.

Step Three click on the webmail configuration icon you will see the webmail configuration details like SMTP address, SMTP port, pop3 address, pop3 port and IMAP configuration.

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Step Four start sending your emails and create a signature in your email that is below every email you send must have your name and address below each emails its one those things that make your email goes inbox. we don’t advice you use the webmail to send emails direct because it will send all your emails at once and spam bots can detect it that its spam and your emails and start sending the emails to spam folders.

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Step five download bulk email software that uses webmail and senders and starts using it to send your emails you can download abbulk mailer or mailbird in our youtube video we use mailbird because it’s very easy to use to send bulk emails and they have a free version you can download and start using it now.


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