how to extract emails with free softwares
04 Mar
March 4, 2017
email extractor

Do you need fresh emails for internet marketing and web promotion this guide is how to extract fresh emails with free email extractor for any business or country for all your internet marketing purposes?

First Step: Download the free software at our free membership blog but you have to register as a member before you can download the software’s and many other free software’s and information.

Download the free email extractor here

Step Two: install the software in your chrome browser and open google and use google dork search query to get your email address, google dork is advanced search query we use to get fresh and exclusive email leads you will not find anywhere.

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what can i do with google dork query

  •  you can use it to fresh email leads from a database of websites
  • you can use it to get fresh business men leads from LinkedIn
  • you can use it to get leads from companies websites
  • you can use it to get leads from social media websites like facebook, LinkedIn and twitter

watch video on how to extract emails with free software

Step Three: download your leads in text or CSV files

Step Four: import the leads to bulk emails verifier to clean the bad and unused email address to prevent your emails going to spam when sending bulk emails.


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  • Henry

    Hi, thanks for your videos. Please How do i get a free vpn or vps to use in opening blocked sites like US paypal. In one of your videos, you said you will show us how to get free vps,

    And what money making ways do you have?

  • Azubiky

    Hi, the email extractor you talk about doesn’t exist, the link is broken.
    How can I get it please

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