how to get free usa paypal account that never be blocked in Ghana
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January 2, 2017
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how to get usa paypal account in ghana that can never belocked

Guide on how to get free usa paypal account that never be blocked in Ghana, Paypal is one of the world’s largest online payment merchant you can use to make and receive payments worldwide, they become popular because of their chargeback system that is if you make payment with Paypal and the person or organization you send the payment to defaults, you can ask of chargeback to get your money back. Because of the chargeback system, a lot of people start taking advantage of it and also the increase internet crime PayPal decide to limit their services in some countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Pakistan and many other countries.

Due to the limit of PayPal access in some of this countries people start looking for ways to get PayPal from their countries like Ghana, Nigeria, and the rest. Getting a PayPal account from non-PayPal accepted countries is called stealth PayPal account in order for you get this account you have to use any of the PayPal accepted countries like USA, UK, Canada and the rest.

If you want to learn how to get stealth PayPal account you have to get VPN to change your IP address to any of the PayPal accepted countries plus virtual credit cards, virtual bank account and phone number to get your stealth PayPal account you can visit this forum to get everything on how to get stealth PayPal account at www.aspkin.com/forums

Watch video on how to get free usa paypal account that can never be blocked by paypal below

The sad news

You can create the PayPal account using those methods easily but once you start using the PayPal account to receive funds PayPal spy bots will notice that the account is from non PayPal accepted countries and your account will be limited and Paypal will ask you for some documents that will be difficult for you to get once you can’t produce those documents your funds will be seized forever you can read about several people who have lost money from PayPal here www.complaints.paypalsucks.com

paypal sucks

How do I free USA PayPal account that never be blocked in Ghana?

It’s very easy to get a PayPal account that never be blocked all you need to do is to ask person in any of the PayPal accepted countries like USA, UK, Canada and rest to open it for you with your own email address whenever PayPal sends you to fund you get an email and ask the person to withdraw and send you the money, friends family members and relatives who reside in any of this countries can open it for you easily if they trust you.

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How can I open the PayPal account if I don’t have friend or relative in any PayPal accepted countries?

Its also very easy first you need to proof that you are real and you don’t want to use the PayPal account for dubious purpose by joining freelance sites like fiverr.com, upwork.com, seoclerk.com and make some decent money it could be less than 50$ then go online on social media sites like facebook and make friends tell them you don’t have PayPal and is not available in your country and you do legitimate business on those sites mentioned above. From experience, a lot will help you create this account some will ask for some percentage of the money from you, its better than losing your money to PayPal using backdoors.

where to get people that can help

Facebook groups join internet marketing group connect with people make sure you check them out if they are doing real business.

Search Gary vernachuk on facebook follow him most of facebook fans are hustlers, freelancers and internet marketers you meet people that will assist you there.

Twitter search for #freelancers, #internetmarketing you meet many people that will help you out

Finally using the free method might be time consuming before you meet people build relationship and ask them to help you out it might be time-consuming but if you still need a PayPal account i will advise you use the method below its expensive but better, trying to be cheap by using VCC and the rest increases your level of losing the PayPal account once you have funds in it.

how can I get a stealth PayPal account that can never be blocked

Paypal normally verifies you with bank, credit cards, address and phone number use the service providers below to get this item before creating the account their service might be expensive but it’s far better because you not loose your account in the long run

Phone Number: you can get USA and UK phone number here www.simcardglobal.com watch my video how to get the number here.

Virtual Bank Account: go to www.aspikin.com/forum and look for sellers in their marketplace with high reviews and buy.

Virtual credit cards: uquid, cryptopay if you are in Ghana get it at cofred, get complete list of company’s you can get virtual credit cards for less than 5$ here

Identification: This guy helps you create professional international passport, bank statement, tin, and any other documents PayPal will ask you of www.secondeyesolution.com.

Take time to watch my video on how to get this free USA PayPal account where i explain all the tips and guide on how to get the PayPal account

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  • Manusi

    Hello there, is there a way that i can create a business PayPal in USA instead of buying them. With your method i can create personal PayPal account easily.

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