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08 Feb
February 8, 2017
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Google Adsense is a cost per click program from google that allows publishers or content developers who have blogs, website, videos, and apps to monetize their product.

Types of google Adsense
There are two types of AdSense account hosted and normal publishers account.

Hosted AdSense account
These are Adsense account you can use only on google websites like youtube, hubpages, and blogspost, getting approval from hosted account is easier comparing to normal publisher AdSense account.

You can use the hosted AdSense account to earn money from youtube videos and also youtube live videos events plus Blogspot blog.

Publisher Adsense account
These are AdSense account for non google websites, you can use these publishers AdSense account on a website built by WordPress, Joomla, drupal and HTML.

Getting normal publishers account is more difficult comparing to hosted AdSense account from google.

How to get Google AdSense Account Approved Instantly?
In this guide, I will explain how to get YouTube Adsense approval instantly its very simple, you get your approval instantly all you need to do is to get a Gmail account and go to YouTube and click on sign in.

Login with your Gmail account and click on create channel click on this link to learn how to create youtube channel.

After creating your youtube channel you need to upload one video before you apply for Adsense account, you don’t have any video just go to youtube type any keywords like “funny short videos” and under the search results click creative common.

choose creative commom


Creative common is videos that the owner gives approval for anybody to download and use for any purpose.

copy the video URL from youtube and go to https://www.onlinevideoconverter.com/video-converter paste the link and download the video to your PC.


Right click on the video you just downloaded click on properties and go to the details tab and change the title and put small introduction plus tag on it and click save.

next step, go to YouTube and upload the video put the title of the video and description plus tags and upload the video.

Next step, go to www.youtube.com/features and click on enable monetization it will ask you to verify your phone number and accept AdSense terms and condition.

watch the video for the complete part of how to get the instant google approval

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