How to get UK phone numbers for whatsapp verification
14 Mar
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March 14, 2021

You can now get the Uk phone number for WhatsApp verification easily without getting to Uk, in this guide we want to learn how to get the Uk phone numbers plus how to use to verify apps and websites that require phone verifications like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, etc.

Steps on how to get the UK phone number

Step One: Get a phone portal verification web service you can get access to the phone portal at https://pauljumbostore.com/product/phone-number-portal/

Step Two: Create an account in the phone portal and start to get several countries’ phone numbers like the USA, UK, FRANCE, CHINA ETC.

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watch video on how to get the UK phone number

Step Three: once you get the phone number by clicking get UK numbers and use on your app like Whatsapp, telegram, Facebook, etc.


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  • Michael

    Please how do I track someone using Uk Us phone number portal to know if it’s real or an imposture .
    I was duped by someone using phone number portal

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