how to open free offshore bank account for paypal verification
14 Feb
February 14, 2017
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how to open free offshore bank account for paypal verification

An offshore bank is a bank located outside the country of residence of its depositors, with most of its account holders being non-residents of the jurisdiction. An account held in a foreign account, especially in a tax haven country, is often described as an offshore account.

offshore bank according, Wikipedia is a bank located out of the country of your residence with most of the account holders do not reside in the country where the bank is located.

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There are several countries you can open this offshore account from this are countries that their laws permit such banking transaction these are some the countries you can open offshore bank account Latvia, Poland, Belize, Seychelles, Cyprus, Singapore, UK, Ireland, Qatar, Panama and Mauritius.

How can I open the offshore bank account
in this tutorial, we will learn how to create this offshore from a Luxembourg bank called bank leupay its one of the biggest offshore bank in Luxembourg and malta visit https://www.leupay.eu/

The first step you click on join now and choose a personal or business account and click on apply now.

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The next step you fill the form with your real name, address, date of birth and phone number that has id card either international passport or driving license.

The site will send you a confirmation code to your phone number, get the code from your phone and put it on the form and click on next.

The last step you have to verify the account the first verification you have to upload a clear image of your id card either a passport or driving licence.

The next step you proof your address by either uploading a utility bill or you add your debit or credit cards that have your name on it.

The last step you apply for a free debit card that will be connected to the bank account they will ship it to your address for free in 10 to 15 business days for free.

watch video on how to open free offshore bank account for paypal verification


How can i withdraw from the offshore bank account?

  1. you can do bank transfer to your local bank account but the account must be domiciliary account.
  2. you can also withdraw leupay account holder and get cash payment
  3. you can withdraw to bitcoins instant just visit https://www.happycoins.com/en/account and use your iban to buy bitcoins.
  4. you can withdraw with ATM using the free debit card they will send you.

What can do with the offshore bank account?

  • you can use it to verify PayPal account
  • you can use it to withdraw funds from PayPal account
  • you can use it to receive payments worldwide
  • you can use to verify your identity online
  • you can use the account to sell on Alibaba

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  • Isreal Gouton

    will the credit card carrys usa billing address number?

  • Johnson

    What is the routing code for Leupay. Am trying to link my PayPal account

    • Maxwell
      • December 11, 2017
      • Reply

      Sir, pls PayPal is asking for routing code for the leuypay account. How do I get it please??

  • johnson japheth

    HI How can i check my account balance on offshore bank

  • Ricardo
    • September 6, 2017
    • Reply

    what is the routing number for leupay,,it cant add without a routing number

    • Ozzy

      Hi Ricardo,

      Have you solved routing code issue for leupay? I could not have found routing number on their website. Thanks in advance,

  • Silas Bassey

    Good day Paul,
    Please I tried signing up with offshore account, for my greatest surprise NIGERIA is not listed.
    Please what should I do? because my money is Paypal.

  • Jabir Sabiu


  • Bello Bala Panda

    Hello, i’m from Nigeria and i have followed the steps in your video on opening an offshore bank account for paypal verification but the website leupay.eu is not the same as the one you used in your video the registration process is not the same as the one i saw, please i need your help, thanks.

    • Turi Madagwa

      Thanks for your commment leupay is not offering that service anymore

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