how to research hot selling product in 1688.com
28 Apr
April 28, 2018
Mini Import Business

Getting cheap products from any of the wholesaler’s website from China like alibaba.com, tmaill.com, and 1688.com is of one the main reason for success in mini importation business with small capital.

Since as a mini importer of-of products from China without large capital for trial and error for products that will sell in the market, learning how to research hot selling products from China is very important and crucial in the business of mini importation.

Before we go into practicals on how to research hot selling products from 1688.com i will like to state here that ” Good marketing will make any product hot in the market” so the main focus should be on how are you going to market the product don’t just think because the market needs the products it will sell itself. As hot and addictive coca cola is in the marketplace today they still spend millions in marketing the products on a daily basis.

I see in forums and facebook groups questions on how to get hot selling products from 1688.com and other Chinese website but very few talks about marketing the products.

Steps on how to research hot selling products

Step one: Common sense, this is using your native intelligence on researching products you should know that importing goods that you don’t have access to the circles of your customers can make the products dormant for instance importing luxury goods where you don’t have access to rich people that will need them directly because of such people its difficult to get them online.

Step two: search for hot selling products in local online shops by looking at the number of people who buy such products, for instance, look for hot selling products in jumia, aliexpress and jiji and research on such products in 1688.com and also takes note of the related products.

Step Three: Search for products under 5$ at aliexpress from experience most of those products are hot selling products and don’t forget to look also the related products displayed alongside the product. Once you have an idea of a product from aliexpress.com use the products to research on 1688.com.

Step Four: there are two major ways to research on 1688.com, text with keywords or search with image but there are other ways to research on 1688 is for you to research with Chinese words for instance in the video I did on youtube I searched for this hot selling product called “rig mobile” all i need to do is go to google translate and translate to China and use the Chinese keyword of rig mobile on 1688.com to search for it.

You can also learn how to create Alibaba account, how to create wechat account and many other things you need to know about mini importation business by taking our free online course on mini importation business here https://turischool.com/p/mini-importaion-course

Thank you for reading please do you know of any other ways to search on hot selling products from 1688.com or you have used any of the tips in this post before please share your experience in the comment box below.


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  • Gloria



    thank your for this guidline, i really appreciate it

    • Turi Madagwa

      Thanks also for your comment

  • Farayi

    Many thanks very helpful

    • Turi Madagwa

      Thanks for your comment

  • Abraham
    • November 12, 2019
    • Reply

    My only problem is that I do not have a any foreign fone number apart from Ghana but there is not Ghana code in 1688 registration. Will I be able to receive the code for verification if I used different country code and add my phone number. In you video you said we should use European or Chines number but what if I don’t have? Thanks.

  • Juliet

    I always enjoy your teachings. Very clear and informative.

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