how to send bulk email with China gmail account
01 Aug
August 1, 2019
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Sending bulk email directly without using optin email method is becoming very difficult because of IP restriction on certain countries but you can now use Gmail to send bulk email, initially you can only send 500 email emails from your Gmail account daily.

Google is trying to encourage Chinese to use their services so they have increased the sending rate from 500 emails per day to 5000 emails per day all you need to do to send bulk email, is for you to create more than one account and use it to send bulk emails daily.

How can I create a china Gmail account?

Step one get our guide on how you create china phone number and get access to the china phone portal at https://pauljumbostore.com/product/china-phone-number

Step two: go to gmail.com and click on create a new account and enter your name and a preferred username name plus password, click on next it will ask of your number go to the china phone portal and get the china number to paste it in Gmail and click next it will ask of the verification code. Go to the portal again and get the code and paste it in Gmail your account will be created.

watch how to send unlimited emails with china gmail

Step three: open the Gmail account click on compose email type the title of the email and content, copy the emails you want to send like 200 and above and paste it in bcc and use to send an email please make sure you verify the email before using it on Gmail.

Step Four: you can add the Gmail as SMTP in any bulk email software and use it to send bulk emails instead of using the Gmail to send directly.


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