how to send bulk emails with free server mailing script
16 Apr
April 16, 2017
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how to send bulk emails with free server mailing scripts

Email marketing is one the best form or advertising and marketing your services using mass bulk email scripts or server. you can pay autoresponder companies to help you send bulk emails buts very expensive and all your emails must be opt-in emails.

we going to use free bulk emailing server script to send an unlimited number of emails on a daily basis to several potential clients or customers you have their email addresses for free

how can I send bulk email with free server mailing script?

Step one: you have to download the script at our free membership site for free all you need to do is to register with your email address and download if you already a member you can download it.

Download the script here: http://pauljumbostore.com/member/download-free-server-mailing-script/

Step Two: you need to get a Cpanel and upload the script on WordPress, all you need to do is to install WordPress in your Cpanel and click on plugins and upload the script and activate it.

Step Three: configure the SMTP you can use the Cpanel direct sending but you will be limited to the number of emails you can send you can also use Gmail also and other SMTP service providers as explained in my video on youtube.

Step Four: add your email addresses and start sending emails to all your subscribers or potential customers

Download the script here: http://pauljumbostore.com/member/download-free-server-mailing-script/


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