how to send unlimited bulk emails from android phone
28 Nov
November 28, 2017
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bulk email sending is one of the best ways to promote your services online without spending much money and you can reach thousands of potential customers. it’s now easy to send unlimited bulk emails from your phone without spending much on bulk email sending website.

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How can I send unlimited emails from phone

Step one before sending emails, make sure you have clean email lead preferably optin email leads you to get from subscribers from your websites but if you buy email leads we advise you clean it using bulk email verifying software.

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Step two once you have your email ready clean and copy it in hundreds like in every sending you do 500 emails you can use lite14.us to create your emails in a group.

watch video on how to send unlimited from android phone

Step three copy the group emails and put them in note app we highly recommend Evernote because you can access it both on your desktop, browsers, and phones you can also use other note app but make sure you can access it both phones and your pc.

Step four go to our store at www.pauljumbostore.com and get our comprehensive video on how to create unlimited fresh smtps that you can use, please don’t buy hacked or stolen smtps online its better you generate your own fresh and clean smtps that go to inbox 100%.

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Step five go to google playstore on your phone and search for maildroid and install it on your phone, once you have it installed add the smtp to the app using IMAP and start sending unlimited emails from your phone. watch the practical demonstration on how to send unlimited email from your android phones here

Step six connect with me on any of the medium below for more guidance or tips on how to send unlimited bulk emails from phone, PHP mailer, webmailer, server mailer and other options.



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