how to send unlimited emails from ipad
26 Feb
February 26, 2018

Email marketing is one of the best form of marketing on the internet for you to promote your products or services at free or cheap cost, you can reach potential customers on a daily basis using bulk email marketing from your iPad on the go.

Bulk email is the only form of reaching your clients or potential customers where you be in control 100%, unlike social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter where the owners of the websites are in control of your followers, they can charge you to reach your followers or they can change their algorithm that will reduce the reach of your followers.

Steps on how to send unlimited bulk emails from your iPad

Step one get your SMTP, bulk sending email or IPS. you can get our guide on how to generate unlimited smtps that you can use on your iPad to send unlimited emails on a daily basis.

Get our guide on how to generate unlimited SMTP here

Step two install the app mymail from apple store this is the app you will use to add the smtps that will power it to send unlimited emails that go to the inbox with over 95% inbox rate.

Watch video on how to send unlimited bulk emails from ipad

Step there add your SMTP email to the app by clicking add email and type the SMTP email and password and click on next the software will automatically add the SMTP server details.

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Step four compose your email with the title of your email and add your title plus your letter and finally add your emails we advise you add multiple smtps in the app with each app send 500 emails at a time makes goes over 95% inbox rate.

Note: using just one smtp on the app will make it goes to spam after sending few thousands of emails we highly recommend you get our server guide and use it to generate unlimited smtps you will use in the app to send bulk emails.


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