how to send unlimited emails with free bulk mailer
04 May
May 4, 2017
bulk email

you can now send unlimited bulk emails using free bulk email sender software from paul jumbo blog, it’s easy you only need to download the software and install it on your windows computer.

If you are starting a new online business and want to reach out to the maximum number of customers at a fast pace and with the least expenses – bulk mailing is the answer.

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Sending email in this way is a great way to test your advert or sales pitch (known as ‘ad copy’). Not only will you get better responses, you will also be able to send out three or four different versions of your ad copy and decide which has the greatest pull (i.e. email to sales conversion). You can then refine the best ad and use it in subsequent promotions.

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Say you launch a new product which you think will be of interest to all your potential customers, you can simply send them an email detailing the new product, how it will benefit them and where they can get it.

once you have it on your computer you only need to add your SMTP and your email addresses and start sending unlimited bulk emails with the software.

watch video on how to send unlimited emails with free bulk mailer


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  • Oni

    Pls what will I use for smtp server settings

  • Jerry

    I need a software to send unlimited email messages . I ve bought so many software . Most of them are not easy to use , some select ip and some won’t even work at all.

    Email me the best you can offer as regard to sending unlimited email message .

  • Akhdimen Olu

    Sir, I am an online marketer.I need a good mailer or some kind of stuffs that will enable me send out my bulk email.Please I use MTN to browse I am a novice as to smtp or ip.Please wht do I do.I need to send my emails out.

  • james

    Great Information thanks for sharing this post.

  • Efe Michael Obasuyi

    this is nice, how can i get it ?

  • Rohit Kumar

    I’ve just ordered bulk email server from paul jumbo store and am enjoying it so much

  • faith
    • December 18, 2017
    • Reply

    Thank you for this post i have downloaded the free software

  • farouk

    How can i get the software

  • timothy

    how can i get free mailer sir

  • Oluwapelumi

    Plsase can I use the software even if I did not have email contacts.
    I mean, will it give me free email to market to

    Anyone Please help out

  • john
    • February 25, 2018
    • Reply

    Awesome tips on how to send unlimited emails i have really learn alot from your blog mr turi

  • Stanley john

    Thank Turi this a great post i have really learnt alot on how send bulk emails from your post.

  • sam

    Thanks for the guide how can i get SMTP to send bulk email

    • james Rainsford

      Free SMTP Server
      I am after good bulk emailer

  • james Rainsford

    Thanks for this great information

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