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March 22, 2017
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webmail is a web-based company email account we use to send and receive the bulk email they are operated within a website, you only need to create this webmail from your Cpanel and configure the SPF and dkim before you can use it to send bulk emails.

How can i send bulk emails using webmailer?

Step one: you login to your webmail account with your username and password and choose your preferred web mailing script squirrel mail or horde.

Step Two: Click on compose email either in text or HTML and add your emails in bcc it’s advisable you send 50 at once in other not to choke the server and also increase inbox delivery rate. You also need to verify the emails to remove old and dead emails see how to verify bulk emails.

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Watch video on how to send bulk emails with free webmail

Step Three: Add an address and a phone number as part of your letter it shows the server you are real, it’s one the factors that make your emails goes to inbox.

How can I get webmail for free?

you only need to get any of our bulk emailing server or SMTP from our store to get this webmail and company email account for free.

Bulk email server



Download the video on how to send bulk emails with webmail plus more tips on how to send inbox emails here https://pauljumbo.com/free-web-email-video



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  • Hernandez Vincent

    i have a website but it’s webmail sends only one bulk email per day that is less than fifty emails i want to find out from you if i can increase that maybe send unlimited emails in a day ?
    please reply me with any useful information ASAP.
    Thank You

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