how to make paypal payments without paypal account
06 Sep
September 6, 2016
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learning how to make PayPal payments without PayPal account is very important because Paypal is one the most popular payment platform in the world most especially among Americans you will be required most times to use them for online payment to America and other parts of the world. Paypal has restrict their business access to some countries that have a high level of online crime or countries that are fighting wars like Ghana, Sudan, and many other countries.

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Because of this restriction in other for you to make use of PayPal account in Ghana you have to operate it using any of the PayPal accepted countries from Ghana, operating a PayPal account from non-PayPal accepted countries is called stealth PayPal account they can limit and seize your money at any time you can read how thousands of people have lost their money to PayPal all of over the world here www.paypalsucks.com.

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You can make PayPal payments without having a PayPal account in Ghana using PayPal service providers here in Ghana this are trustworthy and reputable companies in Ghana I will list two of the companies here you can contact them and give them guidelines of what you want them to pay on your behalf its safer than losing your hard earned money to PayPal.

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The company you can use to make PayPal payments without PayPal account is cofred they have offices in Tudu and Kasoa area their service is very fast and easy you can visit their website and register for free and fund your account in multiple ways with mobile money, bank deposit, perfectmoney, cash and bitcoins once you fund your account you click on payforme button in the site and enter the PayPal details you want to pay for, be explicit on what you want them to pay on your behalf they will deduct if from your account and make the payment in 3 hours time. their service is very fast and they are trustworthy I have done several businesses with them.

Cofred Details
Website: www.cofred.com

Do you know of any other legitimate means of making paypal payments without a paypal account or you need more clarification please post your comments below.


Comments: (4)

  • John Okoro
    • December 26, 2016
    • Reply

    Great article i have use your tips to make paypal payments without a paypal account

  • Thomask24

    Please, I wanna find out if cofred will also help me secure the item to be shipped. Since they must know your shipping information. Thank you

    • Paul Jumbo

      Thanks for your comment yes i think they will protect it you can talk to them about it.

  • Abena

    Hi. I contacted Cofred and they told me the ONLY way they can facilitate PayPal payments on my behalf is if I have a PayPal account. A Verified PayPal account in Ghana. Now, that’s funny, because if I did have a Verified PayPal account I wouldn’t need their services in the first place. Having a Verified PayPal account would mean easily processing all my payments online by myself. So I really don’t know what they mean when they say they provide PayPal services. So kindly update your info or better yet contact them to get credible info. Thanks

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